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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Desperate Attempt

I can't believe they are still at it. It's barely 17 days more to go and they still brought up the idea of holding the ASEAN Summit in Manila "especially when there is security threat in Cebu". Security what? They want to transfer the holding of the ASEAN Summit from Cebu to Manila for security reasons? Cebu is far more secured than Manila. And have you read reports of bombings in Cebu? Never. Because Cebu is safe and Manila is not.

Why can't they just shut their mouths up and see how Cebu will roll out the red carpet for the ASEAN dignitaries and delegates. Cebu is the best venue. Better than Manila, I bet my life. They really can't accept the fact that the ASEAN Summit will be held in Cebu because they thought, for all of their lives, that Manila is imperial. That only Manila can hold a summit like the ASEAN. That only Manila is this and that. Sucks!


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