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Monday, November 20, 2006

Covering the ASEAN Summit

It will be my first time to cover such a big event. When the 12th ASEAN Summit kicks off, I will be at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) to cover the event. I already have an accreditation, which means, of course, that I am a legitimate media member, and I will be at the International Media Center inside the CICC, which I heard will be supplied with free-flowing food and drinks.

I have already offered eggs to the Carmelite Sisters, paid P100 to a Sto. Nino Church sinulog dancer, and prayed so hard my knees sore, just to ask for Divine Intervention on the prediction of world-famous psychic Max Soliven that the CICC will collapse during the summit (well, if it does, I hope his president will be there with me).

Heard over the radio while writing this blog: "Cebuanos urged to use tawas, deodorant during summit to avoid embarrasing ASEAN Summit visitors". Whaaat? That's a clear violation of the human rights of those die hard naturalist (I can't find the exact word but what I mean is those who do not use deodorant and enjoy the smell of their armpits). And what about those who cannot afford to buy tawas (price: P5 to 10 per pack) or deodorant (price: P25 to P40)? Will the government shell out cash to provide tawas and deodorant to the public?

Going back to the Summit coverage. Cebu reporters have agreed to wear coat and tie or long sleeves with tie during the summit. I also learned, although not yet confirmed, that the Cebu host media will have a special station inside the CICC. That's good news for us reporters in Cebu. Why? Because we hate those Manila reporters who think we are nothing but pig shit cleaners and they are the best news reporters and writers in the country.

The media will not be going to the CICC through different vehicles. There will be designated buses that will pick us up on designated areas. That's part of security. And I fully understand that.

I also learned from veterans that the media who will be covering the ASEAN Summit will be locked up inside the CICC, with all the food and amenities, waiting for a press release because we can't go directly to the meeting venue, which is Shangri-la Hotel, to cover the event. Isn't that nice? hehehehe.


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