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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Money and Values

What would you do when you find bundles of money along the road and no one saw you picked it up?

The answer will surely vary depending on our values.

Last Wednesday, Eric Amaro, 18, and Arnel Pajanunot, 19, were on a bike at around 5 a.m. when they saw a shoulder bag along the road in barangay Guadalupe, Carcar. Seeing that the shoulder bag was clean, the two picked it up, opened the bag and then, to their surprise, saw bundles of P500 cash. When the counted the money, it all summed up to P99,000.

Amaro and Pajanunot, two teeners who live below the poverty line, two dreamers who stopped going to school due to poverty, and two mortals who badly need money for a mother's medical needs and for a family's daily substinence, were stunned for a moment.

"I was so shocked. I didn't know what to do. It was the first time that I saw such amount of money," said Amaro, whose mother needed money for immediate medical assistance due to an infected wound.

The two immediately went home and show the bag to their parents. But from the moment that they saw the money up to the time that they reached home, the two said they didn't think of pocketing the cash.

"It was not ours. I know someone, its owner was looking for the money during that time. I had to return it," said Pajanunot.

Their parents, despite having the need to keep the money, advised the two to surrender the cash to a TV station in Cebu City, in which the two did. Yesterday, the teeners went to GMA-7 to return the cash, in full. Not even a single centavo was missing.

The owner of the bag, after learning from a radio broadcast about the teeners act, immediately went to the TV station and claimed the money. The owner, a businesswoman, passed the screening, even identiying the amount of cash and the content of the two bank books inside the bag.

The teeners, who received P10,000 cash, promised employment by the mayor of Carcar, will be recognized in various events, including during the town's fiesta, and other in a special ceremony that will be conducted by the Provincial Government of Cebu. The businesswoman also promised to pay for the medical expenses of Amaro's mother.

What a good example of good values over greed for money. Amaro and Pajanunot, who deserve to be praised and recognized, should make our corrupt politicians die in shame. The teeners are so poor they need all the money that they could earn but refused to give in to the temptation of pocketing the cash they didn't own. Our politicians have everything in life and yet still long for the money of the tax payers. An example of contrasting values.


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