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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kalag-Kalag and Landslide

After doing my rounds at the various cemeteries here, I could say that this year's Nov. 1 observance is peaceful and somewhat orderly. While there are still 'pasaways' who tried to sneak in bottles of liquors or bladed weapons, the police claimed they have not responded to major alarms as of 2p.m. today.

It was raining at past 11a.m. Good thing I was at my parent's home eating lunch, otherwise, I could have been wet all over. It was a hard rain and I was pretty sure several cemetery goers were caught off guard because it was sunny all morning.

There is a talk about a landslide somewhere in a mountain barangay in Cebu City. It's a raw information and I can't personally check the report myself because I have no transport and the company drivers are all out for the Kalag-kalag.

I just hope it's just a mere landslide with no one hurt or injured. The landslide (or should I say, mudslide) in Guinsaugon, Saint Bernard, Southern Leyte is still fresh in my mind. I was there for three days covering the tragedy and I was praying no similar incident will happen anywhere in the country.

Happy kalag-kalag everyone. Just dropped by to blog!


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