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Monday, November 20, 2006

Effects of ASEAN in Cebu

Demolitions of shanties and stalls as well as apprehensions of trisikads have started in Cebu City and Mandaue City in a desperate attempt by both local government units to rid the two cities of "eye sores" during the ASEAN Summit.

Yes, billions of pesos will be coming in to Cebu during the summit. But who benefits and who suffers? Big establishments, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, sex dens among others will surely benefit from the ASEAN money. But what about those street vendors, trisikad drivers, sari-sari store vendors located along the ceremonial routes who will be demolished? It will be hungry tommy for them.

I can understand the preparations being made by the local governments for the ASEAN Summit. They want to demolish the squatter's area located along the parade routes, they want to rid the streets of cigarette vendors and trisikads just to project a "beautiful Cebu" image to the visiting dignitaries and foreign media.

But are all these preparations really necessary? Can we maintain the well-paved roads, highly-decorated houses and establishments along the streets, flowers and plants in center islands, even after the Summit? Yes, those dignitaries and foreign media will surely be awed and wowed by the street decorations, security, and nice roads that we currently have now. But how would they react if they come back to Cebu after months or years following the ASEAN summit and then they will see the real, day-to-day situation here?

Many call it tourism. But for those who really know the situation of our roads, streets, and security before the ASEAN preparation, this is nothing but hypocrisy and desperate act of boastfulness.


  • At 11:34 PM , Blogger kc8ual said...

    As a foreigner living in Cebu, I had already prepared to go to Bantayan Island during the summit, but it was just my luck that not only did the summit get postponed due to a typhoon, but that same typhoon came right over top of me. Talk about irony, I leave the city to the province to get away from the possibility of an attack by terrorist and instead get attacked by a typhoon. Go figure.
    I don't know however if the new dates set were a good choice since the closeness of Sinulog to the date. All the people that have hotel rooms reserved for Sinulog versus those that need the rooms for the summit. It reminds me of this past year while in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and you have all the people wanting hotel rooms so that they can pick up the pieces of their flooded homes, vesus the people coming to town to enjoy Mardi Gras.


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