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Monday, November 06, 2006

Doomed from the Start

A very reliable source revealed that ever since the day that the CICC was started, one of the architects of the project (yes there were two) told Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia that the facility will never be finished in 9 months in time for the ASEAN Summit. The architect also allegedly warned Gov. Garcia that linking and marketing CICC with the ASEAN Summit will create a big blunder because the facility will never be finished.

But Arch. Manuel Guanzon was persistent and expressed confidence that CICC will be finished. Now, he could be wrong. I mean, entirely wrong. Barely eight days before Guanzon's self-imposed deadline of Nov. 15, the CICC is far from finished. And I'm pretty sure, from a layman's view that it will take more months for the CICC to be completed.

In the first place, the CICC was never considered as a venue for the ASEAN Summit. It was the Shangri-La Hotel in Mactan. This is a fact as President Arroyo clearly stated that the grand summit will be held in Shangri-La, and not at the CICC.

And it was also revealed yesterday by my source that only the media center will be 100 percent available and usable during the Summit.

I wonder if Arch. Guanzon will still accept the P1.5 million bet for his pet project to be finished by Nov. 15.


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