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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Will the CICC be finished by Nov. 15?

It's already Nov. 2 and my heart is pounding harder than the usual. Barely 13 days more to go and the question on whether or not the controversial Cebu International Convention Center or CICC will be finished will finally be answered.

I can feel the adrenalin rush as I passed by the CICC this morning. Construction workers, as many as the eyes can see, are doing all they can to meet the demands of the contractor. I can hardly imagine the stress on the shoulders of Architect Manuel Guanzon, contractor Willy Te, and Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia who all claimed that the CICC will be finished by Nov. 15. As the clock ticks, as the d-day comes to a close, I can only cross my fingers and wait for Nov. 15 to answer the P1-million question "Will it be finished?".

Playing safe, however, was Vice Guv. Greg Sanchez, who did not give a categorical answer when asked on whether or not the CICC will be finished by Nov. 15.

Thirteen days and counting down.


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